Jason Allen Ashlock

President of Movable Type Management, Jason previously founded Movable Type Literary Group in the spring of 2009, after completing graduate studies in Religion and in American literature. In its first two and a half years, Movable Type inked sixty deals, and grew to manage more than 100 authors across categories, aiming to tell stories across platforms, devices, territories, and generations. His own client list is heavily populated by non-fiction authors in history, biography, memoir, current affairs, politics and pop culture. Advocating for radical mediation as an agenting philosophy, Jason leads Movable Type to partnerships with an array of digital developers and marketing specialists and oversees the development of new books and digital properties by the company’s authors. He teaches in the Publishing Program of the City College of New York.

JAshlock@MovableTM.com  |  P 917/289.1089   F 646/810.5757

Submission Guidelines:

MTM welcomes queries from writers of all kinds, and we thank you in advance for sharing your work with us. To submit your material for consideration, please first consider our respective areas of interest and submission preferences, then send queries by email only. Due to the volume of queries we receive, we are unable to respond personally to each. Be assured that if we are interested in reading your work, we’ll be in touch.


Please send a query letter in the body of an email that precisely introduces your topic and approach, and includes a descriptive bio. For journalists and academics, please also feel free to include a CV.


Please send your query letter and the first 10 pages of your novel in the body of an email message to JAshlock@MovableTM.com. Your subject line needs to contain the word "Query" or your message will not reach me. No attachments and no snail mail.

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